Top Crochet Websites

My Favorite Crochet Websites:

1. -- This website is the perfect for the beginner crochet. Mikey is wonderful and hilarious. He is so great at teaching crochet. He has several youtube videos that go step-by-step into crochet projects. I love, love, LOVE this website. Did I mention this was free????

2. -- This is website is so organized and you can find just about anything. You name it, it probably has a link for that. It is basically a giant online stitch dictionary. If you want to find something new this is a the place to go. Did I mention this was free?

3. -- This has a series of patterns posted by professionals and amateurs. There is so much creativity on this site it is nothing short of amazing. This also is a great way of finding some great crochet blogs. There are wonderful articles and newsletters you can get connected to through this website. Also as the web address suggests it is all free!

4. -- This blog is amazing as well. Her use of color and her patterns are very well written. If you are looking for inspiration especially when it comes to color check this blog out. AMAZING!

5. -- Another website of free patterns. They have some pretty good pics and some great tutorials as well. Again as the web address suggests, it's free.

6. -- This is website is a great learning website. It has a combintation of free/for sale patterns. They also have online classes that teach you different techniques from crochet to knit to quilting.

7. -- Another website that has a combination of free/for sale patterns. I think that this website might have the most patterns and might be the most popular knit and crochet website. It has so many functions and it is sort of has a social networking component to it. Anybody who's anybody is on this website. Prepare yourself to be inspired.


  1. there free ptterns on Purple Kitty dot com too and all free .

  2. You can also find some great free beginner patterns at Crochet Hooks You - or at the Crochet Hooks You Youtube Channel -

  3. Awesome sites! you can also find on

  4. Have you checked out Crochet Cache -- -- they have lots of how-tos and free patterns.

  5. Can I suggest my site,